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Advantages for vendors


Advantages for Vendor


Equipment traders in your region are in Stokartı.

Among our members, there is not only the construction companies, but also the companies engaged in equipment trade. We are increasing the demand to your equipment. All you have to do is to list your equipments. With the new feature of stokarti.com, we connect your company directly with the companies that have request fit to your profile.


Reach varios requests from 116 countries filtered specific to you company

Stokartı.com has an algoritm that connects members with request for the spare parts, equipment and material to the vendor members whose profile matches the request. In this way, Sellers do not waste time by examine and evaluate unrelated requests. They receive only the requests in their area of interest which listed in member profile section. Sellers can adjust the request types by setting member profile according to field of activity, industry, machinery and equipment usage in the profile settings.


Spare parts of the equipments from previous decade is used in the neighbour country.

Is your assets waiting for long time in stock without any domestic demand? Perhaps you should consider to receive demands from near countries. They may be using and maintaining equipment that you no longer use. Stokarti can increase demand to your assets with cross border marketing.


Business relies on trust.

With a special assurance package, Stokarti.com provides commercial assurance when buying excess stocks. The buyer's payment is not transfered until the materials are delivered. After confirmation is provided, the payment is released.


Get your equipments ready to be sold.

Stokarti network also provides reach to repair workshops that would enable your equipments for less to be sold in working condition for more. Just contact with the companies in maintenance category.


We simplify logistic works for you

Don't worry if there isn't enough resources within your company for managing detailed export and logistics operations. This will not prevent you to sell your products to other countries. We support your logistic operations with our partner companies.


What is Surplus Stock? And who is aware about the excess stocks of your company?

There are many products on the shelves in your warehouse. Your equipment is also waiting in the yard. If a product or equipment haven't been moved more than 3 years it is Excess stock. Sell ​​and reduce your financial burden.


Trader of generators and forklifts are not the same person.

There are a second-hand equipment and asset trading companies focus just your industrial equipments in Mena region. Have business contact with the companies that focus on your asset types and increase your international reach.