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Slow moving or surplus Mınıng Equıpments can be purchased and delivered worldwide.


Brand: Liebherr
Model: Clivio
Year: 2006
Condition: Serviceable
Location: Riyadh

ATLAS COPCO UNIGROUT smart grouting system

Unigrout – the flexible grouting system. Quick and easy to move, the complete Unigrout system consists of a manually operated grouting platform which includes a mixer, agitator and injection pump. The Unigrout Smart M combines compact design with automation. Unigrout family serves a wide range of applications globally.

BAUER BG-36 Drilling Rig

2 Units of BAUER BG-36 Drilling Rig,
Model year : 2005
Condition: working condition
with complete accessories including:
-2 sets of 3 part kelly bars of 14.25mt,
-Oscillators BAUER BV 1500/7 are also available.

LOGAC G5 Computer based recording system

Brand: Logac
Type: Mining Equipment
Model: G5
Year: 2016
Condition: Fully Serviceable
Payment type: Advance