About us

StokArti is an e-commerce platform that connects the commercial benefits of construction companies, bringing together the top contractors for colabration.

What are we doing?

One of the problems of companies is that they might end up with an inventory full of materials, equipments or spare parts at the end of the construction & manufacturing projects. If there is no other project to consume this inventory, the stocks are kept in the warehouse until they lost their commercial value, and then they get scraped.

The StokArti is a platform for companies to list and trade their excess inventory. By collaborating with other construction companies, they can turn their stock into cash, and they get the opportunity to buy undervalued products from other companies' inventories.

StokArtı provides contact to a wide range of customers in EMIA region and open to the resellers, distributors and producers.

Why are we different?

StokArti provides the opportunity to trade excess material  which benefits both parties: The buyer will have lower prices than the market. and the seller will get higher prices than the scrap dealers.

StokArti is a private marketplace: The company information, the prices and RFQ module are only available to members.

StokArti is a industry specific marketplace: Our sole purpose is to be the best marketplace for the global construction & manufacturing industry. You will not encounter and waste time with unrelated inventory or products.

StokArtı contributes to circular economy: StokArtı prevents waste and extends the life of valuable materials by creating an industrial circular system which trade end of life materials.

StokArti has members from ENR Top internationa contractos 250 list: , Currently we have 15 members who are in the list of ENR in 2016 and our members listed inventory our members listed their inventory with a value of 3.000.000 $ located Turkey, Qatar, Kazakhistan.

StokArti is designed for the requirement of Construction industry: Sellers can make different pricing according to the buyer's purchase size, track the company's credibility, get business decisions much faster, and improve their business.

Do you pay any commision?

StokArti does not obtain any commission on the trade between the members. 

What is required to sell your products?

After you sign up to StokArti, just click "Apply for selling" link. We will communicate with you immediately, and you only need to prepare an excel file which includes the list of items that you would like to sell.