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Terms of Use

1. TERMS OF USE internet site (hereinafter the "Portal") shall visiting and / or "member" in this "Terms of Use" as you read, the contents completely understood, "Terms of Use" set forth in the and "Portal" well located and when all the issues will take place in indifferent and that you accept unconditionally, "Portal" also agree not to assert any objection and defense in relation to all issues mentioned declaration and you are committed. If you do not accept these terms, please refer to "Portal" then discontinue use.

1.1. This "portal" owner is STOKARTI DIJITAL HIZMETLER VE TICARET A.S. at the resident "Esentepe Mah. Talatpaşa Cad.  No:5/1  34394 Şişli/İstanbul" (abbreviated to" STOKARTI as "hereinafter) Portal "is also offered and these" Terms of Use "of the 3 specified in Article services," STOKARTI" is provided.

1.2. "STOKARTI" present "Terms of Use" of "Portal" means any information and is situated "Content", "USER" or you can change at any time without any notice or notification. These changes periodically "PORTAL" will be published and will be valid on the date of publication. "PORTAL" by paying a certain price of the service or transfer the benefit of or in any way "PORTAL" Every natural or legal person provides access to the "Terms of Use" and "STOKARTI" this "Terms of Use" is deemed to have accepted all the amendments made to the . This "Terms of Use" published on the website; "PORTAL" access by any natural or legal person is made possible using heat.


"Portal": the name www.stokarti.comfield and I is composed of subdomains attached to this domain "STOKARTI" in the "Services" are offered by the website.
"User": "Portal" Every natural or legal person reach to.
"Member": "Portal" and a member of the "Portal" from within the services that benefit within the conditions set forth in this Agreement, "User".
"Membership": "Member" be wanting "User", "Portal" in the membership form to fill out correctly and with real knowledge, his credentials "STOKARTI the" approved by and status earned by the statement. Join completing the "Member" it will never have to have the right and authority. "Membership" rights and obligations, which belongs to the applicant, are partially or totally non-transferable to any third party rights and obligations. "Membership" without showing any reason the application "STOKARTI" can be rejected or can be requested by additional terms and conditions. "STOKARTI the" if deemed necessary "members" of the "Join" may terminate its status, "Join" in the end will do later for any reason, "Membership" cannot accept the application.
"STOKARTI Membership Account": the Members' Portal "in which conduct business and operations that are necessary to take advantage of the services offered," Membership "and the relevant issues" STOKARTI the "where e demand," Membership information update, can view reporting about the services offered, which he set and exclusively used by itself as committed to the "username" and "password" and "Portal" accessible via the "Member" eat the whole special web pages.
"STOKARTI Services" ("Service"): "Portal" in the "Member" in order to perform business and operations that are defined in this agreement "STOKARTI" application are offered by. "STOKARTI" and "Portal" presented in the "Service" s changes at any time and / or make adjustments. Modifications and / or related to the adaptation of "Member" terms and conditions as the be obliged to comply with the "Portal" from "member" had announced the disclosed terms and conditions "Portal" shall enter into force on the date of the publication.
"Content": "Portal" and published in every possible access to information, text, files, images, video, etc. figure. Visual, textual and visual images.
"STOKARTI Interface": STOKARTI and "member" of content created by s "User" can be viewed by s and "STOKARTI Database" in order to then be queried from the "User" is used by s; Protected under Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works Act and all intellectual property rights "STOKARTI is" in the design of which is to "Portal" that commands the computer program for the realization of any transaction can be done through the internet pages.
"STOKARTI Database": "Portal" where the content is stored within reach, it is classified, can be queried and can be accessed "STOKARTI" of belonging accordance with the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works is protected database.


3.1. "STOKARTI" and "member" s by "STOKARTI Database" of the loaded content, interfaces by using "STOKARTI Database" on the "User" provides them viewable by s.
3.2. "STOKARTI" and "Portal" in the "User" s, "Member" of classified ads to be displayed in order to provide easier access to the offers listing services in the prioritization of various types.
3.3. "STOKARTI" and "Portal" to transactions within, it offers reporting services under various categories for their views.
3.4. "STOKARTI" and "Portal" for services rendered within add new ones, with the conditions of the scope of services available and presented the "Portal" can be accessed within the "Content" are always changing, it reserves the right to close the third parties to access and deletion. "STOKARTI the" may exercise this right without any notice.


4.1. "User" s with lawful purposes, "Portal" make transactions on. "User" s "Portal" civil and criminal liability in each process and his actions within is going to be theirs, those relating to civil and criminal liability "STOKARTI" in any liability there is a "User" accepts, declares and undertakes.
4.2. "Portal", "Member" s by "STOKARTI the Database" loaded "content" that are working with the main display. "STOKARTI", the "User" and the ads displayed by s "Content" s no circumstances correctness, reality does not guarantee compliance with the security and law. And ads in question "Content" are therefore "STOKARTI" in that any responsibility there, because of the damage that may arise "STOKARTI” will not in any indemnification obligation "User" s are recognized and declared.
4.3. "USER" "PORTAL" all kinds located within the images, text, audio and visual images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs and lists to reproduce, to copy, to distribute, process that, by performing such actions would not have any commercial activity; directly and / or indirectly would constitute unfair competition behavior and processes are performing and to accept commitments.
4.4. "User" s "Portal" to engage in activities which may lead to unfair competition in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Law within, "STOKARTI" in and of third parties to undermine the personal and commercial reputation, personality rights to perform the act to rape or assault, the legislation, public order and public morality will appropriate action to fulfill the act as required by legislation and procedures, illegal, would constitute a criminal offense, offensive, damaging personal rights, intellectual property rights, copyrights, will be available in the brand rights and intellectual property rights, rape, abusive attitudes and behaviors are acceptable and committed.
4.5. "User" s, "Portal" under which access to the information they disclose this information only "member" or "STOKARTI" while in use in accordance with objective, non-commercial purposes is obliged to display.
4.6. "STOKARTI is" in accordance with Law No. 5651 "Location Providers Annual Certificate" has. accordance with the 5651 Act and related legislation "Location Provider" in order to comply with the recently introduced obligation "User" s "Portal" records on the qualifications stated in the regulations pertaining to the operations they perform on is to take and store recorded within the legal term.
4.7. "STOKARTI" and "User" can use the information, process, and share, may disclose, can classify and maintain on a database, for publicity and information for communication activities can use to make its marketing and statistical analysis. "STOKARTI" at the same time; the user's IP address, the "Portal" had visited which portions, domain type, browser (browser type), date and time information, such as the statistical evaluation and to provide services and offers for people can use for such purposes. Conduct research process aimed at healing, to create a database and do market research firm to users information that is in stokartı cooperation to transfer to, the processing of user information by these companies and provides users consent to use.
4.8. STOKARTI of on-line behavioral advertising and marketing in order to apply for the purpose of the site from the user a cookie in the browser behavior on the website (cookies) with the association and number of pages viewed, identification based on remarketing lists metrics such as the number of completed visit duration and destination marketing and use of automation tools user a private message / offer and has the right to submit proposals. Then these users to the site or other sites in the Display Network, it can display targeted advertising content according to users' interests. In addition, Google may place cookies on the browser of Google during the USER redirected to stokartı of AFS ads or read cookies in these areas may use web beacons or information with the aim to collect.
4.9. "Portal" is accessed through and / or displaying the content in the database is stored only in order to display relevant content and / or "STOKARTI" in "Terms of Use" to be accessed by third parties within the framework of compliance with the law. Access made outside is unlawful; "Stokartı all such claims, lawsuits and prosecutions rights reserved.
4:10. "STOKARTI" and "viewing for learning the content of the ad and" STOKARTI Interface "is giving permission to use the nude, a certain number via a purpose database out of it or be tried to obtain classified as for the whole, the advertising, customer information, design, code and software, partially or completely copying of the information contained in the database, which other media in the publication, directly or indirectly, compiling, processing, modification, transfer of other databases, opening the access to and use of the third person from this database, "STOKARTI" similar including giving the link to the announcement on the processing of the verb "STOKARTI is" not allowed by consent and not shown. Such acts are contrary to the law; "Stokartı demand, prosecutions rights reserved.
4:11. "Portal" breaking of in the whole or any part of the change, but rather to use in order to do engineering, "Portal" to prevent in communication or technical systems, intervenes to disrupt or system in a way the "Site" attempting to derive had access automatically on the Site program robot, spider, web crawler, spider, data mining, scan data and so on. "Screen scraping" software or systems, automated tools or use manual processes and other users to reach unauthorized data or software, the "Site" and "Portal" of the value of the contents of "Terms of Use" and used outside the specified usage limits is illegal; "STOKARTI" in all kinds of demands, prosecutions rights reserved. If it is determined to use contrary to these terms and the law; "STOKARTI" and "User" has the right to report to the authorities. "User" to use the results of this kind of demand, losses and "accepts that the responsible person.
4:12. "Portal" to interruption of the services, disruptions in data transmission delays, the experience failure, data loss from any direct or indirect damages that may occur if "STOKARTI" cannot be in charge of the "User" is accepted and committed.


This "portal" within accessed or information provided by users in accordance with the law and that the "Portal" s (but not limited to "STOKARTI Database", "STOKARTI Interface" design, text, images, html code and other codes) elements (all with "STOKARTI" works subject to copyright in "hereinafter)" STOKARTI of "belonging to and / or" STOKARTI "was used under a license from a third party. "User" s, "STOKARTI" services, "STOKARTI" information and "STOKARTI to" re-sell their work subjected to in copyright, manipulate, copy, share, distribute, exhibit or anyone else "STOKARTI" do not have the right to allow access to or use of the in service . This "Site Terms" within "STOKARTI" explicit exception permitted by the "STOKARTI to" reproduce the work subject to copyright in cannot handle, distribute or derived from them cannot work.
This "Terms of Use" within the "STOKARTI" in cases where no explicit authorization "of STOKARTI“; "STOKARTI" services, "STOKARTI" information, "STOKARTI is" subject to copyright works, "STOKARTI ”trademarks "STOKARTI” trade dress or reserves all rights to other assets and information provided through this site holds.


"STOKARTI" When He, one-sided as the present "Terms of Use" at any time "Portal" can change declared. This "Terms of Use" of the amended provisions, valid on the date they are declared winning, will enter into force. This "Terms of Use" "User" cannot be changed by unilateral declarations.


judicially considered in all cases of force majeure late to perform, or to perform or not to perform the missing cases of "STOKARTI" in any indemnification obligation shall occur. "Force majeure" outside the reasonable control of the party concerned and "STOKARTI" is to be interpreted as the event could not avoid although it has shown the necessary attention to natural disasters but are not limited to, war, fire, strikes, riots, riots, bad weather conditions, infrastructure and internet failures any improvement or refurbishment work on the system and therefore may occur malfunction, power failure is from where compelling reasons.


the implementation of this "Terms of Use", and the interpretation of these "Terms of Use" if there is a foreign element within the management of legal relations, except Turkey Turkish law conflict of laws rules will be applied. This "Terms of Use" is due in settlement of any dispute arising out of or Istanbul Central (waterfall) Courts and Execution Offices are authorized.


This "Terms of Use" of "STOKARTI" by "Portal" on the date of entry into force is also published. "User" s present "Terms of Use" and changes made over time "Portal" are being accepted to use.