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 Advantages for different companies, different industries

Advantages for Buyer


Business relies on trust.

With a special assurance package, provides commercial assurance when buying excess stocks. The buyer's payment is not transfered until the materials are delivered. After confirmation is provided, the payment is released.


We simplify logistic works for you

Don't worry if there isn't enough resources within your company for managing detailed export and logistics operations. This will not prevent you to sell your products to other countries. We support your export and logistic operations with our partner companies.


Assets close to you

Do not waste your time by checking equipment in distant countries. Target Country based listing is available in Stokarti.


Products from stock with high discount

Surplus products generally tend to have more than 50% discount. For wholesale purchases, the discount can skyrocket up to 25%. Benefit from affordable prices.


Maintain your equipments for less.

Through Stokarti, you can also reach companies from the same industry including industrial trade companies, or companies that repair the equipment and components. Maintaining your equipment can be more affordable. All you need to do is to contact the companies that serve the relevant brands in the care category.


We focus on delivery from stock

Do not wait for high lead time for replacement parts when maintaining your system and equipment. Most of the materials listed in Stokarti are supplied from stock or have very short lead times. We provide fast and affordable solution in case of equipment breakdown.


Reach unlisted parts and Equipments

Get the equipment you need in your projects quickly, Thanks to the wide business network of Stokarti. All you need to do is to provide the details of your request via the Stokarti RFQ module. Thanks to our artificial intelligence algorithm you will find affordable offers in your mailbox from the most suitable supplier or stockholder.