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How to Sell

It is easy to sell your surplus, if you do your homework.

Apply for Vendor Account

If you have surplus materials and assets you would like to sell, you can apply for vendor membership from the Apply for Vendor Account menu or [email protected].


Our customer relations department will contact you according to your company information, stock amount and type, and provide information about the types of merchant membership. Your vendor account will be activated after the approval of the membership offer.

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Import of Products to the System

A separate control panel access is granted for vendor members. Through this panel, you can enter, edit, delete your products in the Stokarti. When you start your membership, the stokarti team will provide product list import service with your membership initialization.

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We optimize your data and have a SEO process that will get your products in the first two pages of Google search results in two weeks. Customers will reach your products in any moment!

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Stokarti have 1400 member from 131 different countries. All of the members are industry specific companies and have international trade experience. Stokarti will promote your products on weekly or monthly newsletters and in social media channels

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You will receive offer request via vendor communication module or the offer request module in Stokarti. After checking the warehouse quantity of the product, you can prepare a offer by creating a proforma invoice.

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After the offer confirmation, your company will issue the invoice and deliver the product ready for dispatch. Based on your membership model, Stokartı can manage the sales and billing management.

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Logistic and Export

In case of demand from international customers, the sales is made through Stokarti. The Stokarti team manages the logistics and transit export operation.

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Why do they buy from you? 1.Photos

Adding photos to your listings is one of the useful marketing tools on the Internet to sell a product. The photos enable your items to attract more attention from potential buyers, builds trust on your products and improves search rankings. Even if you don't have a photo of each product, we recommend that you upload photos of the most expensive products on your list. Show the rest of the products with general photos describing the storage conditions.

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Why do they buy from you? 2.Pricing

Pricing is entirely at the seller's discretion, but in general we have a few suggestions for unused precious materials that your company intends to dispose of. Your goods may be valuable, but do not forget the following when pricing. You do not provide any warranty or return service. In addition, the buyer does not know what conditions you store the goods. You may also think of the shipping or customs clearance cost that will be added up on your pricing. For this reason, we advise our members to make pricing with 50% or less of the current market price for the goods that are surplus more than 3 years. In addition, If you want to sell the complete section of your warehouse items in a single sale, we recommend to adjust the pricing down to 30% or below of the current market value..

Start selling!