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Construction, mining and energy industry are among the least digitalized according to McKinsey report. Stokartı is a digital transformation initiative which defines a digital after sales marketplace without intermediary trades that does not exist previously. The innovative B2B approach of Stokartı allows companies to list and trade surplus materials and assets while protecting the company name.


There is always an accumulation of parts and equipments in corporations which operates machinery& equipment fleet and give aftersales services. Many brand new parts are discarded after a certain storage time in the warehouse. Equipment which still have a certain lifespan is left to age and rust in the yards. Construction, fleet rental and manufacturing industry related companies share this resource wasting burden.


Stokartı creates an international ecosystem that connects companies from various sectors including contractors, subcontractors, repair shops, part resellers, equipment rental companies. The ecosystem is equipment with lean tools which consist listing features and request modules that matches product requests to the companies with correct profile. The stokarti ecosystem have three certain advantage:

  • The pricing of the surplus items are highly competitive, which generates significant cross border demand, that allows b2b trade scaling in certain regions such as Economic Cooperation Organization, or Arab League.
  • In the traditional purchase concept, procurement lead times are longer for parts or assets that are rarely used or out of fasion. With Stokarti concept, even parts or equipments of the previous decade can be easily provided from Stock with no lead time.
  • And finally Stokarti provide privacy for companies to sell their surplus without damaging their reputation or bilateral trade relations by giving invoicing services and vendor name protection.


Stokartı have nearly 500 members from 53 countries worldwide with a listing of 28.000 stock items. Stokarti closed deals including spare parts, whole sale liqudation sales and equipment sales not only in the domestic markets but also cross border transactions in east & west Africa and MENA region. Stokartı also compete in Startup challenges such as ITUbigbang and AlibabaCreate with cutting edge technologies. Stokartı will be a corner stone in the digitalization of non-digitalized businesses such as construction, after sales and fleet operations.

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