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23 Sep 2022
Ford Construction Trucks for Sale
Ford Construction Trucks and Tractors, manufactured in 2018, are on sale. These used surplus trucks and tractors are available on Stokartı.com due to completion of the construction project in Kuwait. They are well-maintained and fully functioning. #trucks #tractors #constructionmachinery #surplus
09 Sep 2022
Brand-New Alternator & Starter Components are Listed
Factory surplus, brand-new alternator & starter components of Delco Remy, Transpo, Lucas, Remco, Zen, Wai, Wilson and Vision Alert are listed on Stokartı.com. Units are in their original packaging. #surplus #factorysurplus #electrics #electricalcomponents
06 Sep 2022
Hitachi Crawler Crane is for sale
Hitachi Crawler Crane Scx 1500a-3 is for sale on Stokarti.
29 Aug 2022
Used Surplus Allen-Bradley Servo Motors for Sale
Surplus Allen-Bradley 1326AB-B740C-21-X51 AC Servo Motors and many more now available on Stokarti. The units were used in tire manufacturing company and their production year is 2008.
08 Aug 2022
Surplus Yale ERP50VM6 5 Tonne Electric Forklift for sale
Yale ERP50VM6 5 Tonne Electric Forklift (Production Year: 2019) is now available on Stokartı. It is the surplus equipment of Turkey’s one of the largest steel manufacturers and only has 185 hours of use.
02 Aug 2022
Surplus Marine Engine parts: Injectors, modules and more.
Original Caterpillar Marine Engine Injectors, gaskets, pumps and more are now on Stokarti.
01 Aug 2022
Factory Surplus HVAC & Refrigeration Spare Parts for Sale
Factory surplus HVAC & refrigeration spare parts of Siemens, Toshiba, Carrier, Danfoss and many more are now available on Stokartı.
26 Jul 2022
250 Tonne C-Type Hydraulic Press for Sale
Hidromode 250 Tonne C-Type Hydraulic Press (Manufacturing date: 1996) is now available on Stokartı.
21 Jul 2022
Surplus crane sheave blocks, pulleys & hooks are for sale
Crane sheave blocks, pulleys & hooks up to 125 tonne are for sale on Stokarti.
31 Mar 2022
Surplus welding robot with spare parts
Comau Robotics C4g Rcc3 Welding Robot With Spare Parts are on Stokarti