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Manufacturer: Komatsu
SKU: T-L4D1400+700-MBC(19D0277)
Manufacturer part number: L4D1400+700-MBC(19D0277)

✔ Automobile manufacturer
✔ Located in Turkey

Warehouse: Turkey
Item: Double Action Press
Brand: Komatsu
Model: L4D1400+700-MBC (19D0277)
Year: 1998
Capacity: 2100 Ton
Equipped with: 2 moving bolsters
Status: Used Surplus
Located in: Turkey
Availability: In stock

Drive System: Top drive. Link drive type

Number of suspenstion points: 4 points (inner point)

Plunger Guide: Equipped

Bolster Type: Left hadn parking. T-track system (MBC)


Max. Capacity: Inner- 1400 metric tons, outer- 700 metric tons

Slide Stroke: Inner- 1074 mm, outer- 925mm

Die Height: Inner-1760mm, outer-1530mm

Slide adjustment: Innet-300mm, outer-300mm

Stroke per min. (at continious operation): 7-18 spm

No. of working stroke (at continious 7-18spm): 6-12 spm

Inside distance btw uprights (from left to right): 4660 mm

Bolster dimension (L-R x F-B x thickness): 4570 x 2440 x 230 mm

Slice dimension (L-R x F-B): Inner- 3650x1650mm, outer- 4570x2440 mm

Counter balance capacity : Inner ; 25 metric tons, outer: 27. 5 metric tons

Max. weight of upper die at air pressure of 7. 5 kg/cm2 (adapter plate + upper die weight)

Maximum loading capacity of moving bolster :    50 metric tons

Main motor output: :    DC 250 KW

Capacity Limit: Inner- Max. capacity 13 mm above B. D. C

                         Outer ; Max. capacity at  6 mm above B. D. C

Working energy: (flywheel speed drop 30 % )

No. of working stroke ; at 6-12 spm    57 t-m

                                     (at continious: 7-18 spm)

Height from f l oor to top face of bed :  5mm

Height from floor to top face of bolster :   705 mm

Side opening (front-to-back ) :  2750 mm        



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