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Clark WSX1, 2 Stacker WSK1,2-0212-8254CH

Manufacturer: Clark
Availability: In stock
SKU: KLBRBR0212-8254CH
Manufacturer part number: 326180506

✔ Active in tube manufacturing sector 
✔ Located in Turkey

Warehouse: Turkey
Status: Used Surplus
Type: Stacker
Model: WSX1,2
Production Year: 2017
Delivery: From stock

Model: WSX1,2

Model Year: 2017

Serial No.: WSX1,2-0212-8254CH

Power: 1,1 kw

Weight (Without Battery): 756 kg


Weight of Battery (min-max): 180 kg -205 kg

3000 mm 1200kg

3600 mm 800 kg



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