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BAUER BG 39 Track-Mounted Drilling Rig

Üretici: Bauer
Stok miktari: 1 stokta
Üretici parti numarası: BG-39

ENR 250 listesine dahil
✔ Turizm, enerji, altyapı inşaat sektörlerinde
✔ Kazakistan, Türkye, Arabistan ve Katar'da Aktif

Depo: Saudi Arabia
BAUER BG 39 Drilling Rig with
- 5150 working hours,
-in good condition,
-model year 2016,
-located in Bulgaria.

Bauer ВG 39 track-mounted drilling rig, Serial No. 3617,  manufactured in 2016, designed for vertical drilling with various methods. This drilling rig is versatile owing to  various mechanisms and tools for shaft (pile) drilling  applications:

  • Kelly drilling;
  • Continuous flight auger  drilling with inner stress release (SOB/ CFA);
  • Drilling with soil compacting tool (displacement tool) (FDP or DDS).

Kelly drilling (max. diameter 2.8m,  max. depth 91.6m) used for hard soil, rocks with a special drilling tool. SOB method uses a string of  hollow stem augers with different diameters and is applied in cohesive and cohesionless soils for constructing bored piles, diaphragm walls (max. diameter 1.2 m,  max. depth 32 m).