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Üretici: MARINI
Stok miktari: 1 stokta
Üretici parti numarası: TOP TOWER 4000
Satıcı: Kayıt


Year : 2018 August    NİJER  / Niamey

190.000 tons of asphalt produced


The asphalt plant is designed to be manufactured with 320 tons / hour bituminous at 160 ° C in the following standards. • Aggregate moisture content: 3%. • Agreement temperature for entering the dryer: 10 ° C. • Working age: Sea level. • Average aggregate specific: 1.650kg / m³. • No.6 fuel oil lower calorific value: 9.200kCal / kg (82% combustion efficiency), No.4 fuel oil lower calorific value: 9.700kCal / kg (80% combustion efficiency), Diesel oil lower calorific value: 10.200kCal / kg (% 86 combustion efficiency), Natural gas and LNG lower calorific value: 8.250kCal / Nm³ (92% burning efficiency). • DT = 150 ° C. • Residual moisture in the mixture: ≤ 0.3%. • Maximum aggregate diameter ≤ 40mm. • Contract amount to pass through 3x3mm sieve ≤ 40%. • ASTM200 = agreement amount to pass through 74mm sieve ≤ 7%. is available with. • Aggregate must be cubic, not contain foreign matter and / or deformed, large size negotiation (agreement properties must comply with CNR-BU 139/1192 specifications). • Production capacity tolerance is ± 10% depending on environment, temperature and operating conditions.
SUPPLY VOLTAGE • 400VAC, 3 phase, 50Hz.
ELECTRIC MOTORS • EFF1 asynchronous electric motors with IP55 protection class. (2% less electricity consumption than EFF2 electric motors.)

General Features: 5 x 24m³ capacity. · 3.500mm loading width. · Anti-clogging with vibrator for 2 x 0.45kW sand silo. · Capacity control with computer system from the cabin with variable flow dosing bands with inverter control, warning that the flow is interrupted in the computer system. · Complete with electrical equipment.
a) Dosage Bands · 10-160ton / h capacity, inverter controlled dosage bands. 600mm wide dosing belt. · BONFIGLIOLI reducer. · 1.1kW electric motor. · 1.1kW inverter controlled dosing system. · The computer system warns the operator when the flow is interrupted by the no flow warning switch in each dosing band.
b) Collection Band · 400ton / h capacity. · 700mm wide collection belt. · Length: 24.000mm · BONFIGLIOLI reducer. · 7.5kW electric motor.
c) Feeding Band · 400ton / h capacity. · 700mm wide collection belt. · Length: 13.000mm. · Inclination: 18 °. · BONFIGLIOLI reducer. · 7.5kW electric motor.

General Features: · E 250 L type drying drum. · Diameter: Ø2.500mm. · Length: 10.000mm. · Motor power: 4 x 18,5kW. · Body sheet thickness: 12mm · Insulation feature: 50mm, 80kg / m³, aluminum coated · Complete with electrical equipment.
 Dryer Burner · Proportional natural gas-fuel oil combi burner. · Quiet burner operation with special fan inlet silencer system. · Automatic burner capacity and aggregate temperature control from computerized control system with servomotor air-fuel adjustment system. · Capacity: 19.000kW (16.340.000 kCal / h) · Natural gas capacity: 1.900Nm³ / h · Fuel capacity: 1.700kg / h · Burner fan motor power: 55kW. · Ready to use fuel oil combi burner in the future. · Excluding natural gas gas path equipment, control cabinet gas leakage control system electrical equipment included. Prepared for future natural gas use. · Complete with electrical equipment.

General Features: · Dry type bag filter with air flow cleaning system. · The most economical filtering system, low energy consumption with the lowest (air / bag surface area) ratio. · Due to its design, as the load on the filter bags increases, the back flow air force applied to the bag automatically increases, and filter cleaning performance increases. 220 ° C temperature resistant, 400g / m² aramidic (raw material of NOMEX fabric) filter bags. · Filter surface area: 970m². · Number of filter bags: 540. · Abrasion-resistant CORTEN steel is used in the upper part of the filter, filter bag connections and air flow channels. · By keeping coarse-grained fillers with a pre-holder section at the filter inlet, the bags are protected and their life is extended. · Filler transfer screw in bunker under filter. · Sub-filter spiral motor power: 7,5kW. · Maximum level sensor in under filter bunker. · Double safety protection system that protects filter bags from excessive heat depending on the temperature at the filter inlet. · Complete with electrical equipment.
a) Chimney Fan · Capacity: 84.000Ecu.m / h = 54,860Ncu.m / h. · Chimney fan motor power: 132kW. · Chimney height: 6.000mm. · Chimney diameter: 1.200mm.
b) Chimney Fan Flap · Air capacity adjustment with servomotor controlled chimney fan flap. · With the vacuum sensor placed in front of the dryer burner, the air damper is automatically adjusted to ensure regular and economical operation of the burner.
c) Filler Transfer Spiral · 1 x Filler Transfer Spiral. · Filler transmission helix motor power: 5,5kW.
d) Recovered Filler Silo · The recovered elephants are collected in the elephants silo under the filter. · Silo capacity: 45tons (40m³). · Transfer spiral and flap between the silo - filler elevator. · Special design filler auger under the silo. · Filler spiral motor power: 7.5kW. · Filler silo maximum level sensor. · With the transfer pipe and flap on it to fill the excess filers into the truck.

General Features: · Modular type, sieve, five type asphalt plant weighing-mixing tower. · Platforms, stairs and handrails are designed and manufactured in CE norms to ensure personnel safety. · Complete with electrical and electro-pneumatic equipment.
a) Aggregate Elevator · Chain - bucket elevator. · Elevator capacity: 320ton / h. · Elevator motor power: 30kW. · Anti-return system. · Elevator buckets mouth reinforced with wear resistant steel. · Abrasion resistant elevator chains and lugs. · HARDOX wear plates with bolt connections on the elevator filling and discharge openings.

b) Filler Elevator - Earned Filler and External (Mineral) Filler Double System · Bucket elevator. · Elevator capacity: 45ton / h. (Double filler total capacity) · Elevator motor power: 7.5kW. · Anti-return system. · HARDOX wear plates with bolt connections on the elevator filling and discharge openings.
c) Sieve · 5 + 1 selection vibrating sieve. · 37m² total sieve surface area. · 2 pcs. external vibrator motor. · Sieve vibrator motor power: 2 x 9,6kW. · Screen tension spring-bolt system. · Pneumatic deviator for screen-bypass selection at the screen input. · Pneumatic deviator for selection "To the last hot silo above the sieve - Overflow silo" at the sieve outlet. · Unless specified in the plant order, standard screen sizes: 6x6, 13x13, 20x20, 25x25, 40x40. · Insulated screen body to prevent dust from escaping. · Insulation properties: 60mm, 100 kg / m³, electrostatic painted corrugated sheet over galvanized.
d) Hot Aggregate Silo · 6 mesh hot aggregate silo; bypass + 5 selections. · Silo capacity: 80 tons. · Continuous level sensors in hot aggregate silos. · Insulated hot silo body. · Silo curved outer surfaces are made of abrasion resistant HARDOX sheet metal.

Silo overflow pipes. · Insulation properties: 100mm, 100 kg / m³,  electrostatic painted corrugated sheet over galvanized.
e) Aggregate Scale · Load cell aggregate scale system. · Weighing capacity: 4000kg. (Aggregate specific weight 1,6kg / dm³) · 6x pneumatic cylinder scale filling lids. · Pneumatic cylinder aggregate scale discharge cover. · Insulated body design to prevent dust from escaping.
f) Filler Scale · Filler scale system with load cell. · Weighing capacity: 550kg. (Filler specific gravity 1.1kg / dm³) · Plasticizing pneumatic vibrator on the filler scale. · High temperature resistant pneumatic filler flap at the filler scale discharge opening. · Scale design to prevent dust from escaping.
g) Bitumen Scale · Bitumen scale system with load cell. · Weighing capacity: 350kg (Bitumen specific gravity is 0.95kg / dm³). · Bitumen scale filling system with 3-way bitumen valve with pneumatic cylinder placed on the bitumen circulation pump. · Hot oil jacket heated bitumen scale. · Maximum level safety magnetic switch. · Direct discharge from the bitumen scale to the mixer with bitumen valve. · Hot oil jacketed bitumen line between the bitumen circulation pump and the scale.
h) Mixer · Pugmill (twin shaft) type double shaft, double mixing arm mixer. · 2x 55kW mixer motors. · Mixer capacity: 4000kg. (Mixer capacity at 58% filling ratio according to CECE 2kg / dm³) · 80 mix / hour capacity: 320 tons / hour. · 85 mix / hour capacity: 340 tons / hour. · 90 mix / hour capacity: 360 tons / hour.
Finished Asphalt Silo · 70 tons capacity finished product asphalt silo, double compartment - double compartment. · Silo discharge covers with pneumatic cylinders and electrical heating. · Finished silo cover heating resistances: 2x 2kW.